Sterling Trader Pro API C# documentation?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Kaga, Nov 26, 2021.

  1. Kaga


    Sterling Trader Pro offers API access via C# programming language. I spent the last few hours searching the web for their API documentation, but could not find anything. Does it exist, and is it available to the public? Can anyone here post a link to it?
  2. Robert Morse

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    I have it. Email me and I will forward.
  3. Kaga


  4. Has anyone managed to launch custom operations using the API in Sterling?
  5. Robert Morse

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    What is an example of a custom operation?
  6. Thanks for your answer Robert!
    You can do it using the application but I´m sure that it can be possible using API because it´s very useful for automated trading.
    When you using options you can select strategies or custom, you can design your order as for example: one option + one stock.
    Another example:
    "Legs": [

    "Quantity": 2,
    "Side": "SellShort",
    "Symbol": "AAPL 200214C00327500",


    "Quantity": 2,
    "Side": "Buy",
    "Symbol": "AAPL 200214C00380000",

    "ExecInst": "AllOrNone",
    "ExpireDate": "2020-11-04T08:44:17.738365+00:00",
    "Price": 0.5,
    "Quantity": 2,
    "Symbol": "",
    "TimeInForce": "Day",
    "Type": "Limit"
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    I'm not a programmer. With regard to "strategies vs custom", you will most likely want to use the one that creates a spread order sent to the complex order book vs one that sends out two independent orders.
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  8. I think you can understand better at this picture, it´s very important for develop HFT.
    From my opinion the document about the API is very short and not offer support or help to solve problems. Do you have any idea how to solve or who can help me?

  9. Robert Morse

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    I know what you are asking. As we have also emailed each other, let's move the conversation to email.