Sterling Trader DDE Quotes into Excel, how?

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  1. I have searched google and this forum, also sterling trader support but still unable to get sterling trader pro's quotes into my excel 2010. I have read and carried out the following instructions in both these links:

    and the better instructions here:

    and i have re installed sterling many times over now. Still no luck. I never seen the DDE quoteserver menu appear in excel or any sterling menu in excel, so they obviously not comunicating. I have purchased the home and office package for excel 2010, but I did notice that i do not have an 'add in' menu except for in the options menu, where as if you look at the cyborg manual above there seems to be a 'Add in' menu where the quoteserver is located, but Im not sure if that picture is from a older excel version. How can I get this quoteserver menu in excel?

    Been on this for weeks now and pulling my hair out, if anyone knows how I can easily set this up or if there is a workaround I would be extremely grateful as right now im having to copy and paste new values everyday and this is time consuming where as I just want quotes to update automatically which is what I figure the sterling dde does when it communicates with excel, once I type symbols in of course. I got no right click options to use the quoteserver or dde either once in a cell. I have net framework 1.1 and also 4.0 installed along with sql server. I should note that I have also checked the dde option in sterling and it does load up when I open sterling. All my trust centre settings are as links above.

    This is really holding me back right now as I cannot produce the powerful spreadsheets that I want to as my time is spent copy and pasting.....Again if anyone could share with me what im doing wrong or a way around I would be extremely grateful to you.

    I have the following menu's from left to right in my excel 2010


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  2. just got off the phone to sterling and they say I should have an 'add in' tab on my excel menu. They can't help any further but say it may be because Im running a windows and excel 64bit environment, and it needs to be excel 32 bit in in order to work.

    Does this sound right?, If so how can I run excel in 32bit, as it never gave me an option when installing excel?
  3. That makes sense....64 bit software and 32 bit software do not interop very well.
    All you need to do is uninstall Office 64 bit and reinstall Office running in 32 bit mode.
    However, something is installs the 32 bit version BY DEFAULT:
    "In a default installation of Office 2010, the 32-bit version is installed, even on 64-bit systems. You must explicitly select the Office 2010 64-bit version installation option."
  4. hi there and thanks for getting back to me, when i install excel it does not give an option for installing 64bit or 32bit. There is nothing mentioned on the case about versions, so i assume this must be a 32bit version of excel.

    But im running windows 7 in 64bit so maybe i need to uninstall windows and run windows in 32bit, what do you suggest?
  5. hi, just checked the help file and my version is actually 32 bit.

    so where does that leave me?, as im running the suggested 32bit excel already.

    Should I change my windows 7 from 64bit to 32bit?
  6. hi, thanks for all your help. I finally figured it out. When installing I checked both RTD and also DDE, where as you can only check one option. Also i changed the compatibility mode to windows sp3 but not sure if that helped.

    anyway i now have the add in tab.

    thanks again and if anyone has a similar problem get in touch and ill show you what i did to get it working.
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    Hi I've tried your suggestion but when I try to retrieve the price for AAPL I get #NA error. Please help