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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by BayStCaptial, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. just a simple question about key setting,

    on the level two screen, say i set F1 to buy 500 shares at the bid. Then when i press F1, the focus is set at the price, then i have to press Tab to go to # of shares. How do I set the focus to be on the # of shares instead of the price? so when I press F1, the # of shares is the focus? Thanks.
  2. fionacity


    go view, setting, level II, and then find quantity field...and you will make it
  3. You can set your num keys to load # of shares directly without highlighting the quantity field.

    I have mine set so I can click anywhere on the montage, and when I type a letter, it fills the symbol field, I hit 5 on the num pad and it loads 500 shares, then use any ol hot key to send the order I want. Never have to hit the tab key.

    Pretty sure it's Settings -> Keyboard.
  4. niccia


    Ditto much easier and faster than using the tab key.
    Just make sure the new symbol is always typed in before hitting the enter key when changing stock windows...I've found myself in several trades I didnt want to be in this way.