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  1. I trade with a firm that uses Sterling and its the only option. Are the fees for Sterling way too high or is it just me?
  2. The Firm I trade with uses Sterling as well as there own platform which is very close to sterling but @1/5th the price. They charge 250.00 per month for sterling but waive the fee if your monthly trader volume is greater than 100k shares. From what I have seen two hundred to three hundred is around the norm.

  3. I'm only paying 180 per month to use Sterling Pro.
  4. It depends if that number includes exchange quote subscription fees or not.
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    if you're paying a software fee on top of entitlements, that is insane.
  6. I was under the impression it was all-in usually ?

    Anyway 200-300 is what I've heard also.
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    I traded Sterling too at my prop girm. It's a shitty platform I gotta say. Their charts had repeating patterns when you went back over a day all across the board. All our manager could say is that its a software issue and they'll be switching ti lightspeed.
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    golden has a 250 sterling fee, which does not include any entitlements. no other firm i know does this.

    add on entitlements, depending on what you request, and its another 200 250
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    well, it's not that bad at golden

    the software fee is taken off your net before payout so if you get a 75% cut then a 287 fee turns out being about 215.

    people always compare it with title's fee but it's a bit unfair because they get a discount with sterling for whatever reason. probably cause they have hundreds or thousands of accounts. so at title you pay 150 + entitlements AFTER the cut. so i paid 150+56 (CME) to get the same info at golden for 215 so it's a 9 dollar difference.....

    you save even more if you get a lower payout. but nobody wants that.

    i have 3 accounts. for me it's just part of the cost of doing business. 100 a month would seem like a more reasonable price though
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    you gotta wonder what your fees will be on the switch.

    is there no way to remove bad ticks from charts the same way you remove stickies from lvl2?
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