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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by FarkCop, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. FarkCop


    I would like to have some feed back about Sterling platform recently.

    I know Sterling is good before, but recently I know it becoming more and more unstable.

    I would be very appreciate to have some information about it's performance recently, like down rate, delay on qoutes and execution for different firms.

  2. I have been testing Sterling for about 2 months now and have to say I am pleased with it. Other than a few crossed quotes (today in the early AM) and it freezing once or twice for a short periord my overall view of Sterling is a positive one.

    I wish (maybe there is a way) that the T&S window was a part of the L2 screen like for example on Lightspeed.

    Good luck!
  3. i found sterling to be a horrid trading platfrom. i found it cumbersome and the response time on fills unacceptable. it seemed to me to have a delay in fills.
  4. Sterling is my daytrading platform, and although its not the best, its not a complete piece of junk. If you have other options, definitely consider them! Fill times on large orders is bad, fill time or small orders is great. API is usable but poor. Downtime is very up and down, some weeks it drops nsdq, or arca stuck or whatever, then a month or 2 of no issues. Its almost never fully down where you cant trade or log in. Overall it needs work.
  5. rhamos


    Agree with Szeven...not horrible but could definitely use some improvements. I have had a lot of issues with slow quotes. Having said that, the scanner (if you use it) is awesome.
  6. Rhamos....can you tell me more about the Scanner please..I have not used it??

  7. Bootsie


    ... except for the fact that when it's needed most (fed day, news drop, any adverse event) it collapses. I have yet to see it perform when it really matters... as in, when interest rates are announced; I have to stand back and watch. Maybe it's just me, but I can't begin to explain how frustrating that is...

    I had a position on with a little size and the market moved against me relatively quickly. Unfortunately, I couldn't even tell I was down as the bids locked up 5 levels down ( I was long at the time). L2 just froze. I just assumed I was still at break-even, but it wasn't until I glanced at my P 'n' L that I realized I was down. I would have puched out in any other similar situation and moved on. And NO, this was not a one time event. This has happened several times recently... and it happens more so with the increase in volatility.

    I often receive (through our branch manager) updates on adverse market events and what will be done in future to correct the issues... And to Sterlings credit, everything sounds great on paper, but I have yet to see the results. Our manager has done a great job in getting feedback to Sterling and has done what he can, but his hands are tied. It's not his fault... and I realize that. But it seems that of all the platforms we have used, this one has the fewest issues...

  8. Asked this question a while back and was surprised some people had no issues.

    I literally have issues every day. If its not EDGX going down, its ARCA. If its not ARCA its NSDQ. If its not get the point. Not just on fed day or busy days- literally every day.

    The quotes are sloooowww. Seeing things at least a second delay at times- which for my style is crucial. Have been crossing the price at least .10 since I have been on Sterling just to be safe. Think I am hitting the 00s and get the 04s half the time it seems. Maybe its more than a one second delay.

    That being said- most platforms have been having trouble since the NYSE switched to this GARBAGE hybrid system.

    But getting very tired of the excuses.
  9. bespoke


    I don't even bother showing EdgeX/A cause they always get stuck. BATS too. ARCA not as often. But problems seem to be getting worse and worse.

    You'll have problems during any big news event but I kind of expect that from any trading platform. I have to be on the sidelines during those times. Takes at least several minutes before you begin trading again unless you don't mind some seriously delayed quotes. I have to send out 'test orders' of 100 shares to see where I get filled to know if I can begin trading again.

    Also, the API leaves me yearning for more. And I'm sure anyone who has used the API has seen this message many a time:
  10. lescor


    Yeah, Sterling has that nifty feature where if there is any kind of disruption in your internet connection, the whole platform shuts down. Even a 1 second hicupp, it just shuts down. If you are running an api application you are hosed in that situation.
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