Sterling or Laser Order Entry

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DreamTrader, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Hello, everyone. As a stock trading newbie, I have been monitoring the market for almost two years and paper-trading with thinkorswim for a while. I understand that I eventually need to join a prop shop as it offers good leverage. I understand most prop shops offer Sterling or Laser trading platform. I have a simple but important question about these platforms.

    While paper-trading with thinkorswim, I can input my entry price and stop price at the same time (1st trigger OCO or if-then order type). For example, if I want to buy stock ABC at price $50 with sell stop loss at $49.9, I am able to enter both prices with thinkorswim simultaneously. I do not have to wait for the buy order filled to enter the stop loss order. The stop loss order is kicked in as soon as the buy order was filled.

    May I do the same with Sterling or Laser trading platform? I did some research and found out that I will be able to do so with Sterling (server side stop available for ECNs do not support stop orders). I am not sure about Laser. I understand this question seems too naive for some of pros here. However, please give me the definite answer and thank you a lot.