sterling non-roundlot orders?

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  1. you cant send non-roundlot orders in sterling? whenever i tried to buy/short 50 or 79shares, it is rejected. why?
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    I've run into that as well. It's a broker controlled risk setting. Give your broker a call and they should be able to take care of it.
  3. so now you can send out non-roundlot orders no problem?
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    Correct. I can send an order for a 1 lot or an order for a 101 lot. Sterling is broker neutral, so this depends on the broker and what risk controls the brokers use.
  5. i thought if you were trading prop u could not trade odd lot on nyse and amex , nasdaq no problem.
  6. they told me the clearing firm cant handle nonround lot orders. goddamnit
  7. how can people trade pairs without being able to send oddlot/mixedlot shares?

    TradeAPI, are you using a prop or?
  8. what's the reason ? then people at prop cannot trade pairs?
  9. I don't know who you guys are with, but we just checked into this the other day with Echo.

    As a licensed "Pro", you can't send any order anywhere for less than 100 shares, but as long as its over 100, any number of shares is fine.

    We've been filled on all kinds of odd lots over 100 over the last couple of weeks with no problems.

    On another note, obviously if you have a standing order and only get filled on something like 17 shares, it's ok to take liquidity with that amount to get out.
  10. Caveat: Were using ARCA for everything. I don't think you can send any odd lot to the NYSE, Not sure about that though. I'm pretty new to this odd lot thing. Trying something new yet again.
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