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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Cotton, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Cotton


    Is Sterling really that bad a platform for trading as it seems many people are saying? I have read the board and Sterling does not have a high rating, but if it is so bad, why do many shops use it? I am looking at a shop that offers both Sterling and Laser, but Laser has higher fees and is being moved to their new b/d entity.

    Any input? Thx.
  2. I'm still new with it but what I see so far as a problem is that if you don't program your hot keys, point and click won't be fast enough especially if your firm is taking trades against you.

    Also, I don't see a feature yet on it for one click executions or something similar. If there is, I'd be interested in knowing myself.
  3. Laser is certainly better than sterling and i know ppl who got it at very good rates
  4. Cotton


    I see they now have a new version (6.0) released this past July. Is anyone using the new Sterling and does it address many of the quality issues of previous versions?
  5. Oddly enough I use both and Laser is 100X better than Sterling.

    If you are a scalper and need the absolute fastest and most reliable quotes ever as well as instant execution. Knowing when you go to take an entire offer or bid it is actually there to take is most important to me.

    Sterling fine for swing trading but I can not say I use it much. Always has stuck quotes, slow quotes, no quotes, and if you watch the two move on a level 2 side by side the difference is shocking.

  6. I've tried Sterling at Cobra Trading. I still use Instaquote but was told I could trade significantly cheaper on Sterling. I'm not trading prop, but if you want to play with it, I know Cobra gives out free demos.