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  1. Hey guys, I am hoping one of you could help with my issue.
    I run a black box program that I had developed but as of late, I find that I am not getting the follow through in the market and I am giving way too much back, so I figured I would start taking smaller profits now I am able to adjust such parameters in my program but I rather do it on a portfolio bases and since I am not a programmer and it would take to long to have the guy who develop it tweak it, I figured I would try the sterling DDE.
    Using DDE am I able to track up positions and lets say when I am up a total of 400 bucks if I lose 50% off the top it will exit all my positions with a market order, and if I am down 400 bucks it will exit all my positions? Also is there anyway I can change in excel the amount that is shows my unreal pnl? Right now when I link in my positions it shows the total cost of the position, not the actual open pnl. I will only have 10 to 20 positions at a time so it shouldn't be a major issue for it to track them. Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated as the documentation sterling provides is not that in depth. Thanks
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