Sterling DDE excel crash

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Dustin, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Dustin


    Anyone experienced excel crashing as soon as it tries to pull data? I as support and they were unable to help. Stuck here...

    Sterling 6.2.1
    Excel 2007
  2. Hi Dustin,

    Did you solve this or switched to RTD? Sorry I'm at no help but got the same problem as you...
  3. Dustin


    No I didn't find a solution and gave up on the project. Did Sterling support also tell you they never heard of the issue?
  4. Ni,

    I have given up and I'm now trying to install RTD. I hope that works better. Did you do the same?
  5. use sterling>esignal link, then use esignal rtd/dde
  6. Yes, a 3rd party is an option, but rather try Sterlings.

    Are eSignal good at separating for example open vs. open at NYSE?
  7. Hi,

    I'm now trying out RTD with Sterling trader Pro. Is there some kind of magic clue as to get the RTD links in the sheet up and running when I open a sheet with RTD links? What am I missing?

    I have always used DDE links which automatically opens and start running as soon as I open the sheet. But RTD seems harder to get running. Any help appreciated.
  8. I'm using RTD only for getting position info. The syntax is:
    =RTD("Position.Server", , "SBUX", "E", "xxxx", "nPos")
    =RTD("Position.Server", , "SBUX", "E", "xxx", "fPosAvgPrc")

    The first one is the size and the second is the avg price. "xxxx" is the last 4 digits of your account number but depending of where you trade it might be different I suppose.

    I use only these two fields but I prepopulate the spreadsheet with them for each stock in the list and the data updates fine most of the time. I'm not sure how it works if you call them on the fly however, which seems to be what you're asking for. I use Excel 2010 nowadays but I can confirm that RTD (at least for my limited use) works fine with Excel 2007 too.

    A couple years ago, I tried pre-populating my quote fields with DDE from Sterling. Couldn't get it to work reliably to sync with the quote symbols on my spreadsheet (something that RTD does fine for the position fields), so I gave up on that scheme. I use IQFeed instead for my spreadsheet quotes. Didn't try Sterling quotes with RTD though; if memory serves, it was because I couldn't find any docs on it, while there is a DDE do. It's been a while, but I think that this was part of the problem.

    I'm probably not being very helpful here, but if you get the quotes to work with RTD, please let us know :) Good luck

  9. Thanks for info,

    I'm not a computer expert, but for me RTD is inferior to DDE links, but that might be a server issue. When I'm downloading a sheet with for example 500 symbols with 3 RTD links each, it takes several mins to download it. I also have to quit Excel if I want to download it another/later time..... Is this normal?
  10. No, these problems are not normal for 1500 links as you describe, even with a slow machine like a P4. Once a RTD link is loaded, it should update dynamically.

    I use RTD in spreadsheets (via QuoteLink) for both IB and IQFeed quotes and in term of performance I see no difference with DDE, except that with RTD you can throttle update intervals and that's a plus. You might want to check that setting in Sterling (go into the RTD add-on menu on your spreadsheet) and set it to 700ms or so if it has a much lower value. It may not do any good but it's a quickie :)
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