Sterling DDE - Excel 2007

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  1. "C:\Program Files (x86)\STERLING\STERLING\Base.exe" /Pid:USER ID /DDE

    As for the DDE you need to put " /Pid:whatever your id is" then you need to put " /DDE" because right now it is defaulting to think that /DDE is your User ID is "/DDE"

    Excel 2007 > Excel 2003 because Excel 2003 is limited to only 1GB of memory usage (Google "excel 2003 memory usage") and Excel 2007 can use up to whatever is not being used by the system. (Google "excel 2007 memory usage" to see how you can limit it down if you want).

    If you are pulling large amounts of data into an excel sheet through DDE, RDP or via web query you can max out the 1GB limit in XL2003 and you will experience slowness & stalling and sheet freezing. If you use XL2007 and have a sheet large enough to take ALL available extra memory you can max out your CPU and freeze your system so be careful.
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  2. evsloth


    Sorry to revive this old thread but it doesn't look like there was a real solution for the original problem.

    Has anyone found a solution to these errors since then?

    I'm running into the same error messages in Excel with the Sterling DDE installed.

    (I tried installing Sterling with the DDE, with and without the RTD, and tried on two different computers -- one running Windows 7, and one on Vista.)

    I've run the same spreadsheet at a prop firm in-office for over a month without any problems, yet every time I've tried to use the same sheet on the same account at home I've run into this error message. The same version of Sterling and the same version of Excel is used at the office and no one has found a concrete solution to this yet.

    If anyone can help, it'd be greatly appreciated.
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    I have the same problem. Have you found a way to fix it yet?
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