Sterling DDE - Excel 2007

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  1. does the Sterling DDE work on Excel 2007?
    It worked when I was using excel 2003, now I updated my excel and reinstalled Sterlling. The DDE doesnt work anymore. When I open Excel, it is saying Error on Connection.
  2. Yes, it works in Excel 2007. Also in Excel 2010.

    Have you enabled DDE on the Sterling end?
  3. Right click on your shortcut icon - what does it say?

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\STERLING\STERLING\Base.exe" /Pid:USER ID /DDE

    Do you have " /DDE" at the end? that will enable the DDE on startup. Also, are you trying to use RTD or DDE? Did you reinstall the DDE only or both RTD and DDE? If you are using DDE only you don't need .NET 1.1 but if you installed both, neither may work unless you have .NET 1.1 installed.

    Excel 2007 with DDE enabled is a huge memory hog - 2007 is allowed to take as much free memory as available for processes - just an FYI. 2007 handles DDE/RTD links much better than 2003 - but it also uses more memory.
  4. Do you mean 'faster', with less bottlenecks or it's just a matter of better use of multi-core CPUs?
  5. No I do not have /DDE at the end. But when I tried to insert DDE at the end, my login name becomes LOGINNAME/DDE which makes me unable to log into sterling.
  6. when i open my excel, this is the first popup box i see.
  7. this is the second popup on open
  8. this is the 1st popon when I close excel
  9. this is the 2nd popup on close
  10. I tried many times to remove the DDE and installed it again. Also tried to uninstall Sterling entirely and installed again, same error.
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