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    I'm looking for a programmer with experience with the Sterling API to be used with Matlab.

    Please PM me.
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    im interested in this too. there are few people that know about this and less that are willing to share.
  4. try,
    i've got three working for me right now on sterling, and we're looking at all the algorithmic plug-ins and separate programs right now to integrate into our system.

    it's tough finding engineers with programming experience like this, they would all be working for the big houses. if they were smart, they'd be on their own, but most engineers don't have the trading experience to understand what a trader wants, or can translate the rules into code.

    my suggestion: offer profit sharing on future trading results. they'll come out of the woodwork like termites.
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    Basically what I'm looking for is for someone to program a library of functions like they have done on this web site for an IB to Matlab API.

    The strategy is already programmed in Matlab and all the testing has been completed. I have been also profitably trading a variant of the strategy live.

    If anybody is interested in the project please PM me.

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    I am in the process of making these now. Surprised no one else has this posted yet. Are you willing to pay for these functions and maintenance?
  7. I'm very familiar w the sterling API
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    do you know if there is a resource to create these functions (for matlab)?

    They dont seem to be available?
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    Thanks for the links.

    Looks the way to go with visual basic or maybe python.

    I am not sure how much data needs to be pushed back and forth from matlab. I think I will try and build a script in VB to link up. Has anyone tried to do this?

    I assume you want to use matlab to run 'tested' algorithms in real time?
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