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    I have (2) copies of the program

    Computer1 ---> when it runs the program it pounds out about 100 orders in ~ 4 to 5 seconds

    Computer2 ---> when it runs the program it pounds out about 100 orders in ~ 20 seconds

    Both computers are using the same account
    Both computers have the same RAM processor speed etc.

    I have removed all firewalls.

    What could be the problem????
  2. Sometimes when you have a lot of pending orders in the account, it takes longer to accept every additional order you enter. So if you use computer 1 to enter say 1000 orders, and then you use computer 2 to enter another 1000 orders in the same account, you will notice that the first 1000 orders went in faster than the second 1000 orders.
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    all orders are cleared
  4. How is each computer connected to the internet?
  5. Same network connection? Same NIC cards? What kind of program is it (VBA in Excel or C++ or ?)
  6. Edit: Also, are you connecting to the same server IPs on each?
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    same internet connection.
  8. Same Sterling servers? (not trying to beat a dead horse, but I think could make a difference)

    You might put together a test case which sends a bunch of limit orders away from the market and cancels them. I remember reading somewhere that some servers had a limitation of 25 orders per second or thereabouts.
  9. The IP Address mentioned above & the port # on the server should be checked. The second system may be using a port that has more traffic coming in.
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    I have the same account / IP Address / Port number

    Computer 1 -------------> Orders go out FAST!!!
    Computer 2 ------------> Orders go out SLOW!!!

    I even tried this one 2 other computers and on those computers orders go out slow.

    So frustrating!!!!
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