sterling and cyborg

Discussion in 'Trading' started by soler, May 5, 2010.

  1. soler


    I was hoping to get some expert opinions here....

    today, at the open we all know the markets were super volatile...

    I've been using an algo which gets the alert from trade-ideas, goes thru cyborg and then sends out orders thru sterling.

    now, normally sterling sends out the order in the same second it comes thru trade-ideas

    today, 2 the orders went live 3 seconds later and another, at 9:31 didnt go until 14 sec later.

    so, do you guys think this was a sterling problem as there servers were overworked or something else?
  2. if its an opening order, sometimes the specialist will delay the open.

    Not all stocks open right at 9:30.
  3. Dustin


    Try the live chat with Jon, he can take a look at your log. I also use Sterling with TI and Cyborg and haven't experienced that issue fwiw.
  4. I use sterling but not Cyborg and sometimes around the open I do have this same issue yesterday was one of those days. If I had to bet it was sterling