Stereotypical Daytrader

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  1. When you show up in a Ferrari with a couple of high class hookers on your arm, how do you deal with all the criticism that you are just a typical daytrader?
  2. By waking up ...
  3. cheeks


    I wish I knew.

    I drive a Honda and hang out in low end strip clubs.:D
  4. :cool: You meet a lot of lovely ladies at low-end strip clubs.
  5. If that is a real concern,

    you just explain in detail the public misperceptions of daytrading
    how you're providing valuable liquidity, the risk may actually be less than what they did with their "invested" retirement funds, etc.,etc... (as one of the high class hookers nibbles on your earlobe)

    or you can tell them that you're just a BADASS..

  6. I usually tell people I sell crack to school kids, thus avoiding the stigma associated with daytrading.

  7. dottom


    Tell 'em you're a pimp.
  8. Hold your head high.

  9. Too Funny :D :D :D
  10. I just tell 'em I trade securities and futures; that usually shuts 'em up as most laypeople don't know what the hell they are.
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