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  1. It would be great if you will gain some experiences on the career that you are about to enter. It will serve as your foundation for your future job. Even though that you had learned it at school but it is much better to apply it in personal.
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  2. Lessons in classroom are very different from lessons learned in actual trading. For example, do you know what is trading expectancy? No serious trader should be without it. One day you will be doing paper tradings and analysis of your trading systems and you cannot analyze it using the generalized lessons from your college degree.

    Indeed, specialized training is important. I found this good post about how to make trading a lifetime career that should immediately jump start about the importance of money management in trading.

    It takes a lot of reading and since you have financial background, things won't be too hard. I started trading as an apprentice of a successful trader, most of the time I analyze the market trends and do some trade in paper. After that, I am confident enough to trade on my own.
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  3. Thats great to hear, congratulations on your hard work and perseverence, keep it up !! ....2 thumbs up :)

    You are right, you don't need a background in math and science, thats more for algo based software program development.
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  4. You got that right...

    Makes me laugh when I hear the "know it alls" on this site pushing the mathematics variable around. PURE HORSE-SHIT

    Gimme a homeless man with a desire to learn and learning basic skills in understanding human emotions of greed and fear and I can train him to out trade most if not all, the so called math prophets in here.
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  5. You are CRGARCIA arent you?.....or his ignorant twin brother ?
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