Stephen Hawkings:Humans must colonize space soon or face extinction.

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  1. Human race 'must colonise space or face extinction', warns Stephen Hawking

    By Niall Firth
    Last updated at 10:32 AM on 9th August 2010

    Stephen Hawking has warned that unless the human race colonises space within the next two centuries it will disappear forever.

    The famous astrophysicist says that our only chance for long-term survival is to move away from Earth and begin to inhabit new planets.

    In an interview with website Big Think, Hawking said he was an ‘optimist’ but the next few hundred years had to be negotiated carefully if the human race is to survive.

    Earlier this year Hawking he said that a spaceship capable of travelling through time - but only forwards - would breach Albert Einstein's theories of relativity.

    This means that humans might one day be able to use time travel to skip generations into the future.

    Having taken six years to reach its full speed of 98 per cent of the speed of light (650million miles per hour), a day on board the ship would be equivalent to a year on Earth, he said, allowing those on board to reach the edge of the galaxy in just 80 years.

  2. Hawking is talking way over his head here. Time travel may one day be possible? That's like saying pigs may one day sprout wing and fly. Possible, no. It's the old "everything is possible" hackneyed catchphrase :D
  3. Who needs great minds like Hawking when you have the likes of killthesunshine on the ET boards telling us what is and isn't possible!
  4. No doubt! What would ET do if KTS just fell off the face of the earth one day?!! OH MY!! :D
  5. Lets listen to Beck and Limbaugh instead of Hawking ...afterall.
  6. yeah those guys look like fools for telling us that obamacare is going to raise taxes or that stimulus will not create jobs.

    I really can't believe Rush wanted us to believe what we really needed was tax cuts not democrat pork.
  7. As if they had any ideas of their own.
  8. At speeds approaching the speed of light, funny things are supposed to happen.
  9. Eight


    That's doable, I'm not saying anything but I'm just saying...