Stephen Hawking - Into the Universe

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  1. Has anyone seen Hawking's documentary Into the Universe? I caught part 1 last night on the Discover channel. Pretty interesting stuff. Lovin' the graphical images of what the "aliens" might look like! Hilarious.

  2. Its a shame we're going to have to kill them as soon as they set foot on our soil. Hawking advocates that they're going to be hostile since historically all aliens were ...esp the ones who set foot on America around 1492. They're too smart for that though.
    As soon as the teabagger craze is over with and humankind has
    evolved they'll decide to become guests; maybe in a thousand more years. And can get from one galaxy to another faster if you go thru a wormhole that was created after black holes
    die out or are at the center of black holes or something like that, that is if you survive before you reach the event horizon. And space/time is curved, thats how gravity does its attracting thing.
    If you phone Hawking, you might think its his answering machine
    that answers but it'll actually be him.
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    Hee hee, I can see how this alien thingy is playing into prison planet existence, err, that's "mature race with one world govt seeks help from universe". First you have to kill off as many of the people with the Bible as you can, then you run the world in a top down fashion and give everybody a tattoo on their forehead or hand else they can't be part of the economy. That starves out the rest of the Bible people..... satan could be working really hard and long into the night creating fantasies for people in order to become the ruler of the world!!

  4. I wouldn't want to kill them off. My brother in law is a minister with a flock and a church. My wife is a BAC and so is her family.
    I think, just change their minds. Religion coincidentally arose from stepwise increments of mythologies that too closely resemble the current catechisms. I believe in "something" but I have so much respect for it, its ability to create existence, that I wouldn't insult its transcendent intelligence by letting on that I've got it all figured out. Maybe thats my "fear of God"

    As far as one world govt. I like the idea of someday, no borders.
    The problem is mankind isn't ready for it. The notion of "Good Faith" in its current form is too relative right now for any consensus to be possible. I don't have an answer. Everyone can't have beachfront property and somebodies got to get the bags and change the sheets at the La Quinta.
  5. One of the best shows I've watched on TV in a LONG time. I have it saved on my DVR and have watched it like 5 times now. He is genius.
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    EDIT: ...Although, the thought has crossed my mind that we were put into existence by some really top shelf bio-engineers and left on this rock 'ala sea monkeys. No doubt they'd be searching for that special someone too, like the rest of us. As maddening as it is, maybe no one will ever know... ever.
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    !BINGO again!

    Run for something Omega, and I'll vote for you.
  8. first we must respect life on this PLANET.

    and that includes the humane treatment ALL life even that in the food chain :(
  9. thanks, but I'd be too cruel. Left but cruel. Cruel as in, no movie stars kids get to be movie stars.
  10. Right, I'm on board with all that.
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