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    Global Zen Trader


    Global Zen Trader (GZT) is a FREE trading platform including charting.

    DOM - One-click order placement allows active traders to place, modify, and cancel orders.

    Charts - Our built-in charting functionality gives you a rich view of market activity.

    Quotes - Fast, free, and reliable market data straight from the exchanges.

    Block Allocation - Define your rules and trades will be automatically allocated to multiple accounts.

    AutoX - Route trade signals from TradeStation® through GZT's fully integrated auto execution module.

    Communication - Trade desk management, instant messaging, and detailed reports.

    GZTCustom Indicators - GZT gives you the power and compatibility of EasyLanguage.

    Options and Strategies - GZT gives you the ability to trade both pit and electronic futures and electronic options on futures.

    Market Replay - GZT's Market Replay allows traders to record trading sessions and play them back in simulated mode.

    Click here for the GZT Tutorial Videos.



    Minimum Requirements

    Operating System: Windows XP SP2 and up (Windows 7 supported)

    Physical RAM: 1GB RAM

    Additional Software: .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 or higher

    To learn more about this platform contact me directly or click here to visit our website.

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    There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures, options, and forex. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
  2. About Global Zen platform...

    It doesn't seem very clear on how to use the trailing stop feature on this platform. The manual isn't very clear. And, neither is the video. The standard order also has "delta".. Why?

    Would you mind please simplifying how to set these type of orders on the platform? I'm not into losing money trying to learn how to execute orders like back when I was new to trading.

    1)Are both trailing stops and trailing stop limits supported?

    2)How are they setup on platform?

    2)Does "delta" also have to be set.. aside from the trailing factor?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!