step forward on drugs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by trade4succes, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. while in the shower i got this idea:

    if people want to ban drugs, instead of it being illegal to own, produce or sell drugs, why not make it only illegal to *use* drugs.

    that would clear out all the narco-gangstas in one sweep. it's just ridiculous this war on drugs, the government can never win and bringing huge costs, violence and suffering among the people.
  2. Because its dumb.
    Beyond that, its stupid, because its unenforceable, not that it should be enforceable at any rate, because thats also dumb.

    It was suggested, einstein got many of his best ideas in the shower.

    Guess it worked for him.
    Many huge traffickers and dealers dont use. Thats how they keep profits flowing.
    Most people who use drugs, illicit or otherwise, (including pharmaceauticals, a vast range of which are have addictive properties) do so out of dependancy or desperation.

    This is a dumb idea, examining the options of legal treatment centres (there arent any) and the fact this would, in essence, just screw over innocent people.

    Although, this principle is widely used in government, but it never applies to them of course.
  3. so how else would you solve the crime problem that is associated with drugs? as long as selling owning producing drugs is illegal, there will be huge profits ahead for the ones willing to take the risk.

    of course best would be to legalize, but for some reason i don't see that happen either.