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Discussion in 'Forex' started by Shefali, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Shefali


    As a beginner, I have a lot of things to learn… I’ve been reading and trying to get good information. Also, I got a demo but I’m just trying to understand… I made my registration in babypips, but I hope I can count on people here too, to be able to make good decisions… Any suggestion??
  2. aknaya1


    When I first started, I read DayTrading the Currency Markets by Kathy Lien---I think she is pretty good. Also check out her website ( Also Forex Probabilities by Ed Ponsi is a good book for beginners. and are also useful websites.

    Also depends on your trading style--quant/algorithmic, subjective, daytrading, swing trading, etc.

    I use candlesticks a lot because I think they are very helpful in determining reversals. I dont use indicators much though.
  3. Shefali


    Thank you aknaya1 for answering my post. I will read everything you suggested me, because I’m really interested in learning about forex. When I was looking for a good broker, I read about TVF (tradeview forex), and I found it’s a really good option. I know it offers a 5th digit on the pip spread, while others offer only 4. That was why I decided to choose it, although I’m not good in my practices… That’s my big problem right now. I suppose I need to keep practicing for a long time. Is it normal that I’m not able to win?? Or Am I too bad to trade? Thank you again!
  4. Check out (they've got a good chatroom to help answer Qs) and read the free ebook they offer.
  5. start by realizing everything you read is BS
    and at the same time ... read everything
    write down all those things on paper under semester I - VI and research the hell out of it... happy hunting
  6. Shefali


    Ok, thank you. Every time I try to get good information by means of forums, I found kind people who really help me to understand. Thank you for your advices!