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    Hi All

    I have been trading options for a while now and would like to get a feel of trading the S&P 500 eminis by paper trading it.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to start? I have read what the S&P500 emini is and the contract size, etc. but now I simply want to know how to bring up the chart for the S&P 500 to analize, and then know how to place a trade and exit a trade.

    Note this is all just for paper trading and to get familiar with trading eminis

    Thank you very much for any help. I've been looking all day on the net and cannot find anything useful

    Please help!

  2. If your trying to get familiar with trading the S&P 500 Emini ES...

    You need to open broker account for futures and then use your broker simulator trade execution platform.

    Some brokers even provide realtime charts like Interactive Brokers.

    If you're not interested in watching them in realtime price action and just want to check out the ES charts...

    FutureSource has delayed static charts.

    If you want to learn about trading the ES and what trading it is like...

    You've come to the right place because there are tons of threads on that topic.

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    Get an account at thinkorswim.(TOS) Best option broker. And great paper trade platform. You can trade S&P futures on that paper platform and learn. The symbols are data provider dependent. But every platform has a means of looking up the symbols you need. It is quite easy. Just get on the TOS platform and go from there. When you get serious about trading futures with real money you may want to move to a company with lower future commissions and a little more complete futures data feed, but for learning, TOS is great. (great real time plotting too!) go to and go from there. The software is free with an account and they have a free two week trial.

    good luck.
  4. cuscus


    Thanks Mark and piezoe!

    I've been looking almost all day just for that info you guys gave me! I checked out some online brokers but didn’t know if they trade the emini’s, etc

    I’ll check out those sites you guys suggested.
    ....finally I have some direction! Haha

    Thanks again!

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    Have you tried Infinity ? They only do eminis and give good personal service and help. Commissions are very competitive!
  6. Have you tried Infinity ? They only do eminis and give good personal service and help. Commissions are very competitive!
  7. Spectra

    Is Bankster your new alias? This was said twice...
  8. if you cannot day trade SPY successfully then you will not be able to daytrade e minis ( i.e. ES )

    have you ever tried 100-200 share trading of SPY intraday ?

    this is a way to trade using real money the ETF that tracks the e mini ES using less leverage and lets you lose less if you have
    not found an 'edge' that works
  9. A couple of other brokers who have demo account features are OpenECry and PFG Best.

    My first futures account that I opened (earlier this year) was with OpenECry and I thought they were reasonable if you don't need a whole lot (and they don't charge extra for data). However, I wanted some better charts and the ability to use custom indicators and strategies so I eventually moved over to TradeStation / RJ O'Brien and have been with them since.
  10. open e cry has a two week free demo.
    After that, if you are not interested in opening an account, but would like to continue learning on their platform, you can pay 25.00 a month for the data feed and charting/depth of market.

    The charts are not the best for sure, but plenty good for learning, and the DOM ( depth of market ) is great.

    Realize that if you open an account with a broker to use their data and platform to learn, many will not give you any interest on your money while it sits there, unless it is a certain amount.
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