Stem cell stocks - wow

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  1. I bought 20 GERN Feb 7.50 calls in December for .12, sold them yesterday for .65, if I had the balls to hold on or set a higher limit order I could have got 1.75! But 500% is cool :>)

    I also bought a bunch of Mar 7.50s on Thursday, just in time. Made a nice profit in the early AM. I checked back a few hours later and saw that we were above 30M traded so I got back in, all-in and will stay in until we break Friday's high, then I will scale out, don't want to get caught in what may be a big dump, like someone said earlier in the thread, you never know when that dump will happen so be careful!

    But also I'm with you on holding these if you can handle the price swings. I'm too short-term for that and like to keep money flowing liquid. Well...if I had an extra 50 to 100K I may do the buy and hold...though once these get run up higher over time they can experience one of those wicked "bio-drops" on bad news...hhmmm...still be careful!
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  2. these stocks are just crap. the news you where waiting for came out and almost back on the lows now. these are not investments, just speculative POS
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  3. jasonc


    Figured i would post that i also doubled my investment, bought at the low and then placed a stop and got out at the start of the decline. Thanks for the advice:)


    (I know they were speculative so didnt invest much)
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  4. so you bought the low and sold the high?
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  5. Thats how you get rich, nice call.

    I learned something from you. At the risk of being flamed, the big boys will shake you out but that doesn't mean for the long term you're position is wrong.

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