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  1. I just loaded up on stem cell stocks. The two that iam familiar with are stem, and astm. Last time I believe in 2005 there was lots of talk about making stem cell research legal these two stock went up 5x. With congress firmly democratic and obama in control they have to legalize stem cells. These stocks already are exploding to the upside. I just got in today and am pissed I didnt think about it earlier.

    I dont think its too late to get in. Iam expecting minimum 200% return on these stocks. Iam gonna hold for about 6 months and will not be shaken out. Good luck to others who want to jump in on this awsome oppurtunity. Iam still researching other companies who are involved with stem cell reasearch and see if i shoulld buy them also
  2. you'll get the biggest bang for your buck. but these companies are jsut crap. if you want to buy a real stem cell company buy osir
  3. gern and sgen are the others i found so far, but like you said stem and astm have the most upside, but patience is required 6months - 2years
  4. If there becomes a way to make blood through stem cells, this will be huge. Researchers are working in this now. This would be a huge breakthrough because of blood shortage for surgerys and transfusions, and because health industry will not have to hope and wait for volunteer donor anymore.

  5. your right, they have the most upside but also downside. your basically buying a lotto ticket buying stem, gern ect
  6. total gamble. I regret even looking up these stocks. but agree there's lot more upside than downside lol. let me know what happens in a year or so :)
  7. You have to take risks to make big money. Ive been in cash last 1.5 year anticipating down market. I dont think the carnage is over, but there will clearly be winners. and those sectors are gonna be healthcare minus big pharma, infrastucture construction, green energy just to name a few.

    If you get in early the downside is minimized. like they say no guts no glory.
  8. id rather buy a scratch off lotto ticket then stem. i think you have more upside with the lotto ticket then that POS STEM. i think there is more downside then upside
  9. All stem cell companies are in infancy stage. The big companies have not been doing any reseach becuz of government restrictions. If there is green light to stem cell research all the companies are gonna go up huge my guess is 200-1000%. Eventually there will only be few winners, but initially any thing with stem cells will sky rocket just like dotcom companies and genetic companies in 1990's.

    There is gonna be bigtime lobbying from celebrities who gave millions to democrats to legalize stem cell research. Now republicans have no power to block it. if you look at the charts the big boys are already accumulating huge blocks of these shares and they will shake out all the little guys. like I said iam not trying to make a quick buck but am thinking longer term
  10. don't ever say they will be clearly winners...........they'd be trading at 100 already..don't u think?
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