Stelco going to zero

Discussion in 'Trading' started by zf trader, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know a broker who has stelco class "A" available for shorting? Their court protection expires in two weeks and the stock should go to zero. I already checked IB.
  2. Understand that everybody in the world knows about this. If it's not already at zero, there is something you don't know that smart money does.
  3. Just a theory - check out they run a CFD operation, you might be able to open an account and go short with the CFD if its available.
  4. Chagi


    It's probably worth noting that Stelco has in fact been profitable for a number of quarters during their bankruptcy protection (believe it or not), I would suggest doing some additional research into the company before you look at shorting the stock.