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    Most of you know I'm a big Steeler fan, so I'll try not to let my bias creep into this too much.

    The NFL is all about matchups. That's why on any given Sunday, one team can beat another. However I don't see the Jets matching up well with Pitt. Where most see a close game, I see at least a two touchdown difference in favor of Pitt.

    Jets strengths:
    Revis and Cromartie <(to a degree)
    Sanchez (liability for the most part)
    Us against the world syndrome (which is not to be underestimated... these are not grown men, they are overgrown teenagers who's minds need to be constantly codified and stoked with verbal intents).

    Pitt strengths:
    Battle tested
    Defense (although not as dominant in playoffs or SB)
    They expect to win
    Battle tested
    R. Burger (he does nothing but win)
    Battle tested

    Jets running game (see O-line)
    Pittsburgh's atrocious special team play in crucial moments.
    Sense of urgency/focus... Pitt didn't have it in their previous game with the Jets, and the Pats didn't have it, and it cost them.
    Pittsburgh plays down their level.
    The Jets play up their level.


    Green Bay over the Bears. Seriously, who in their right mind would bet against Aaron Rogers at this point?
    X-factor: the field!

    EDIT: If any of these games are won by a field goal, I'm gonna puke.
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    Steelers will win guaranteed. The jets can not win solely on a running game, as the steelers will not allow anyone to run on them.

    The only way the jets have a chance is if sanchez throws for 350 yards..... NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

    It is looking good for us steeler fans, as the jet are a very good matchup for us. They won 22-17 in regular season but that required a return for a touchdown plus a safety, plus no polamalu. I will bet my life on my steelers, and it has nothing to do with bias..... it is reality...... Go steelers!!!!!

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    I just don't like how they come across as lackadaisical through 3 quarters and then try to win it on the last drive. Enough of that already... drives me nuts!
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    Funny you would say that, i was about to start a thread the other day praising roethlisberger for all his comeback wins, the guy has ice in his veins, it seems like he wins a dis·pro·por·tion·ate number of games in the last minute. I think he is the most clutch QB of all time...... You remember the bomb against GreenBay last year??? How bout the superbowl the year before? Big Ben has a habit of rising to the occasion.
  5. Talk about a Browns fan nightmare - Steelers v NY (with Braylon, Poole and Sanchez who the Browns traded their pick so NY could get).

    It's like Worse v Worser.

  6. bronks


    Yup, that's what I'm sayin... he/they don't seem to wake-up until the game is on the line late in the 4th. Which is really not good for my nerves...
  7. I do think the Steelers will win. With that being said, look at what the Jets did to the Pat's in Foxboro after losing 45-3 just five weeks earlier. Personally, I'm a Bears fan and the shit talking is escalating as each hour passes by. Can't wait!
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    Tsing Tao

    the last time they faced each other, troy was out. also, big ben is no brady, but he can't be taken down like brady can.

    steelers ftw.
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    Thank you Jets for beating the Patriots and giving us the 7th Super Bowl victory!!!

    And thank you for playing like shit tonight, although I was hoping for a close game...
  10. Just Ended Their Season (JETS) were never in it. Never should have been in it. Completely outclassed and outmatched by Steelers. I think Sanchez is wayyy overrated
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