Steel Stocks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dcunited, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Holy sh*t.

    NUE up 11.75% from the open
    X up 5.5%
    TIE up 9.13%

    Been following these things for some time, but today was insane. Can't find any takeover news but gotta imagine it's out there, Mittal perhaps? Anyone with thoughts on the sector? Besides not to short it??
  2. AKS posted profit. That's actually a bit important.
  3. So AKS is up 3.7% off their own earnings while NUE is up 11.75%!? Perhaps that's it but I doubt it.
  4. gella


  5. Yeah but if a piece of shit like AKS can post a profit, it is a very positive sign.

    I guess you do not recall the same exact story with OS last year. Lot of suckers out there apparently.
  6. Bought nue yesterday, shit, sold nue too early after 7% gain today, see it goes up to 11%, been worry about fed, which seems unnecessary, and always sold way too early.

    Think best solution is not to stare at stocks screen, if not, will be suck into emotional trading...