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  1. Okay I’m in a bit of a bind I own STEC and my dollar cost average is 33.6 I l know I should have put a stop loss in but I didn't and today it closed at 20.81. Everything you read on it is positive all the analysts have high targets on like JPM has a $50 target and Wedbush a $39 target. Ironically Wedbush started this big slide saying that it was facing increased competition from companies like Pilant and downgrading their target. Earnings are Nov 3rd which should be good. There is also close to 50% short interest in the stock which could create a major short squeeze if they blow it out. Think the selling is way overdone no? What would you advise I do sell now take the loss and learn my lesson or hold and see what happens? Thanks
  2. It looks like its time for STEC to take a step up.
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    STEC popped up on my radar when it crossed below 12. I should have dipped my toes in, but I couldn't find an edge using the standard indicators. Fast stochastics were just showing over sold the whole way down. Now it's looking to fill the gap pretty damn quick. I'm surprised at how fast the gap was filled. Must be from short covering, and Deutsche Bank calling for a buy. It's pretty over bought here. Waiting for stochastics to go over sold before I get in.

    I think SSD is where to be for the next 10 years. This is one of those buy and hold for the long haul.