Steam Pipe Explosion

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  1. I'm sure everyone heard about the steam pipe explosion in Manhattan yesterday evening at around 6 p.m. Just wanted to know what people's thoughts were behind it.. I think it will give the government a good reason to start taxing the hell out of civilians like me! But I wont mind paying tax as long as stuff like this doesn't happen in the future..
  2. Post your thoughts here.
  3. This thing is old, and expect more of this coming. This is Manhattan we are talking about. There is no easy task to fix it. Just hope it won't happen again.
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    I don't know why we have steam pipes running in our cities... what could it be for??? to provide heat to buildings???
  5. I guess so.. Don't see any other purpose for it.
  6. no new yorkers care enough to comment? am i the only one?
  7. With the public unions in NYC, it will take a year to replace a single pipe. Bribe a few union execs and they may replace 2 a year.
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    Big AAPL

    I've been a New Yorker all my life, minus a six year stint in the Navy. The infrastructure in New York is like an old lady waiting to be knocked down. This was apparently a steam main that was built circa 1920, much like some of our infamous bridges. What it is used for can only be answered by the City Engineers. Steam is outdated. Any man made engineering "marvels" are bound to fail after almost a century of use. Count your blessings if you ever cross the Manhattan or Brooklyn bridges successfully.
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    I was in grand central when it happened.. was extremely scary.
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    it was so fu**ing scary. everyone assume terrorist activity..
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