Stealth Trader and SusanDT's Stops in this market?

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by xburbx, Dec 9, 2008.

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    The last either of them posted on here was before the market got crazy. Anyone know how they adjusted their stops to fit this market? Before the stops were 1-2 ticks above the 2nd bar in a 3bar reversal which would usually be around 2pnts from entry. Now, on a 10,000 vol chart it must be closer to 5pnts or so. Have they scaled down to a 2500 chart ?
  2. If stops are viewed in relation to R/R then both sides have increased in this market.

    Although it is still possible to get entries with small stops :eek:

    If you understand the logic beneath what they were doing then you can devise an answer to your problem yourself.
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    I assumed that they have probably increased stops to 5pts to make 3bar reversal work on the 10,000 vol. Would they have moved down to a 5000 or 2500 vol?
  4. No idea, on a smaller volume chart I assume you'll get more false signals?

    It was a basic entry technique, I think AHG guys use better entry methods. they have a public forum on which you can ask questions.

    I use a 6sec chart like Anek posted, to watch price action and volume at a specific S/R level.
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    I was going to look into the 6 sec chart but was thinking it would be too difficult to time. I've been using ST's 3bar and it seems for me to be easier to enter. Stops are around 3-4 pts on my 5000 chart.