Stealing another trader's TA system

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  1. How easy is it for an experienced trader to take another trader's e-Signal page...analyze it according to proftable trades...figure out what that trader was looking at ------ and use it as his own system?

    I'm at a prop firm and I've been having some pretty relative success in my trades and have seen many other traders jealously eyeing my e-Signal layout. I do have to say though that I have about 10 different indicators.

  2. ...assuming that they are able to get my exact trade execution information
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    It's very likely another good trader can guess the essence of your system.

    A bigger risk, in my opinion, is that the prop firm analyzes your trading as they have all the data. There are a few well documented examples where good prop traders strategies turned into training material offered by the prop firm.

  4. Well if you are depending on pure classical TA indicators, give it a few months. Then you will want to be stealing other people's systems.
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    I would suggest adding another 10 indicators so you can fake them out.
  6. put some dice on the table with tarot cards, and weather reports... and movement of the stars.
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    and inform them that it's really all gut feel. After every success shout out "the gut was right again"
  8. That's exactly what I do...but these Russian traders in my office are pretty hard core about trading and they seem to be extremely immoral. Need to get out of Midtown!
  9. Morality ain't got noth'in to do with it man, it's all about the money!

    And you if you think they're checking out your game because you're a winner YOU'E PROBABLY RIGHT!

    Like the guys said, add a few more indicators in the mix (LOL) as well as alternating studies which give contradictory signals. :p :D

    Also, mixup your wins a little, and take a few small losses just to keep them off balance and play with their heads. :eek: :D

  10. hire me to guard your e-signal page. i'll put a halt to this in a heart beat. i don't come cheap but i am effective .
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