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  1. I plan on having many, many, many steak cookouts this summer with Porterhouse being the steak of choice. Can you recommend any good steak sauce? What do you use to put on you steak?
  2. Cook your steak with Montreal Steak Seasoning. You won't need anything else.

    - Spydertrader
  3. I will try that. Thank you!
  4. agreed Spy that is what I use, load up the steak with it and hear it pop when its on the grill yumm :)
  5. crumble some blue cheese on it toward the end. sounds wierd, but some kinda good.

    Also, look at some google searchs. There are great sites like, and you'll find some great home mades. There is nothing like the taste of doing it yourself, if you've got the time.
  6. There's a grilling sauce that a local chef in my hometown uses at his restaurant. He calls it Alamo sauce. I have eaten all over the world, and I can attest this sauce produces the best tasting ribeye you'll ever try. He's having it bottled for resale, I'll keep you chaps posted on how to get it.

    Loose Lips Rennick out:cool:
  7. I read the thread, went to wmt and bought some of that seasoning. If you knew me, you'd realize how lame this was, I don't even use seasoning. Now what? I dropped this seasoning off at my daughters and said, I'll be over for a steak this weekend, try this.

    She was happy with her seasoning cause her and her husband grill alot, after all is said and done, looks like I'll get a steak dinner for a buck eighty six.

  8. Geez, that's lazy as all heck. Kudo's.:D

    If you can get some -i think it was called "blazin saddles" chilli sauce, its fantastic.

    But if your struggling for something different, try this ;

    1. Saute some onions and minced garlic, (and mushrooms if you like-this leans toward a steak diane sauce i think)

    2.Add a dash of worscestirshire sauce, or similiar-you can use soy for seafood /asian dishes etc, bout two tablsepoons or so.

    3.Mix up a standard cup of instant gravy mix, with a good tablespoon of powdered mustard, or use the real dijon style, whatever.

    4. Add the whole lot together, in a suacepan, with a dollop or three of cream , and basically heat through, simmer for a while sort of thing, stirring intermittently. Do not overheat or allow to boil-and refer to packet directions, for guidance.

    Obviously, you can jazz up it up with your favorite herbs and spices, paprika etc, but thats the basic version.


  9. Hmm steak is very bad for your heart, and grilling adds carcinogens. Don't you read the news? haven't you heard about the ongoing cholesterol problem in the country?

    Your much better off grilling eggplant.
    Your heart will thank you.
  10. I went out and bought it. A 3.4 oz shaker that cost $2.99. Can't wait to use it.

    Thanks Spy!
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