STC Series 7 Training Material + CD

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NBPR6, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. NBPR6


    I have the 2007 edition of the STC training manual + Practice Exam CD. The study manual and cd are both in excellent condition (no pages ripped, no markings).

    I must say that if you put the time and effort into studying this material you will have no problems passing the exam as a lot of the questions from the practice exam are very similar to the actual exam. I put about 20 hours into the practice exams and scored a 92%.

    I'm selling the package for $110 (shipping included). Please PM me if interested or if you would like to see pics. Generally, I would like to accept PayPal as payment, but am willing to discuss other means. Thanks.
  2. jd1028


    what the retail on that?

  3. l7blue


    I would recommend Knopman Financial Training for the Series 7! They have excellent programs & give you a lot of personal attention. Check them out at
    and look into the programs they offer on iPods!:D
  4. Retail on STD materials is $150.