STC Series 55 material

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by New_Trader01, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. For people who used the STC study material for the series 55, how well did this material help you for the exam and would you recommend it to a friend?

    I just ordered the STC material and curious how good was my investment.
  2. Hi New Trader-

    I've been trying to gather opinions about this very same thing.
    However, I am surprised at the lack of response I've received from the POLL I initiated.

    Let me know what your experience with STC is.

    I would like to get a consensus before making a purchase of the study materials.

    I've started a thread about this in the Resources Forum.


  3. dknj23


    i used dearborns study manual and it worked well for me. i ended up getting a 86 on it. i also used them to get my 7 got a 90. ordered the 63 and waiting to get it. see how i do. anyway goodluck. i would recommend dearborn i think there alittle cheaper than stc. just my opinion.
  4. NDQnCA

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    i used STC for the series 7 and got an 86% and on the series 63 I got a 92% (on the first try for both tests). STC courses are simple to understand and are organized well- a little pricey though- but they worked well for me..
  5. Thank you everyone for the info but I still have not heard anything from someone that has used the STC series 55 study manual.

    Can someone out there please put there opinon on it?
  6. Nordic


    I used STC for the 55, scored 88%. The key is take each practice exam in order going over your wrong answers, ( I simply used a highlighter on the the answers that I missed) before proceeding to the next practice exam. I finished 1/2 hour before allotted time and felt that STC was well worth it's expense.
  7. Thank you Nordic for the input......Question: Where the practice exams at the end easier or harder then the real test?

    and does anyone else have any more input on the STC series 55 material? Thanks....this information is very helpful.