Staying in the trend

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  1. I have som problems whit staying in the trend. I usually gets whipped out when it has a retracement. or i staing to long in the trend and comes back to point cero with no wins. What can i dò?

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    I can give you only advise on a situation when you stay in a trend for too long. Just take your profits & look for entry points in another markets. Simply put move your money to another market with better entry point & never look back. You have to be a medium to long term investor for doing this.
  3. Please post a chart examples (minimum of 3) of a problem trade that represents exactly what your discussing.

    Also, explain briefly why enter the trade in the first place.

    Why do I say that ???

    Your ability to stay with the trend depends greatly upon the reasons why you enter the trade.

    After you post a chart examples of some of the trades showing exactly where you enter and where you exited...

    Explain the following in your trading plan:

    * Initial stop/loss protection method

    * Trailing stop method

    * Profit target method

    In addition, if you have a profitable trade and your on the side of a trend...

    If that trend reverses and takes you out at a loss or at breakeven with nothing to show for the effort you made...

    That's not a TA problem...its either a psychological problem (discipline et cetera) or risk control problem.

    Thus, what's preventing you from moving your stop into a 1-2 tick profitable trailing stop as soon as you see that the trend you were riding has reversed and is retracing back towards your entry price ???

    Is it greed.

    Is it because you ignore a reversal signal that told you the trend was going to retrace.

    Is it because your remembering (fixated) past trade(s) that turned back around after you exited the position...a position that would have made you big profits.

    Once again...tell us more about what your doing, what your trading, how your trading and you'll increase the odds of getting replies that are very useful.

    Thus, we know nothing about how you interact with the markets other than the fact you don't like how your managing your trades.

    For example of missing important info in this thread by you...does your other recent thread contains hints to your trend trading problem...

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    I dont have a picture to post or an example. I don`t even have a trading plan I have tryed to fins one. I have tryed to read the chart i trtyed every indicator and anythingelse I can think of. But i cant fins a indicator that i think works fine, and i am not good at reading chart. I hVe all the basic problems one can think of. I have problems with eader to many wipsaws when im for example use moving average or it is to long and i come in in the trend when it is already over. I have difficulties when there is a trend to spot it and i have difficulties when there is a choppy market, whit now clear trend. I have problem knowing when the trend is over or it is only a retracement in the trend and it is going to continue after a while.

  5. I Will trade e-minis in time frame between 1-5 minutes.
    I prefere indicators because it is easyer but i dont have find anyone yet that i think work fine, and i dont have find a combination or a trading strategy yet that works. Thats my problem along with my greed that you mentioned :)

  6. ==================

    A] Need a written plan & written data;
    which may help over the years defining retracement & trend.

    z] And using leverage [derivatives ] starting makes our education needlessly exspensive;
    and in an uptrending bull market you need to study enough written data, so when you are told you are overtrading or stops are too tight, it actually means something, YOU understand

    Occasional whipsaws are part of it;

    Wisdom is the principal thing.
  7. ok here is a trend with some retracement how can i stand in the trend in not be out stoped on the retracement?

  8. at what point would you have bgt it and why?
  9. it lokks like a up going trend so i would have bought it at 09.30 and i think it is somewhere there around most of the indicators would have give a buy signal if they are not on a long timeframe.

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    Staying in the trend is akin to reading minds and predicting the future, hard to do...imho, best solution is to trade the trend(s)!

    For example: your chart shows many good intraday opportunities, both long and short.
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