Staying focused while trading

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  1. Staying focused is all about being mindful and being clear on what you are striving for. If becoming an excellent trader is something you value highly and are willing to work very hard for, then think carefully (and write down) about what you believe are the key behaviors of an excellent trader. I seem to easily become distracted and then miss good trades
    How can trading psychology help me to stay focused? can you give some advices to focus on trading?
  2. If you experience Tpsych problem try Mental fitnes for traders by Norman Hallet, pretty good stuff.

    also scan through this: , you`ll find some usefull things i guess.

    Good luck!:)
  3. Thanks.
  4. I looked at my trading focus issue recently. But my examination I think was more structural/technical in nature. When I broke down the trading day in smaller segments it helped fix my issue. (plus some good advice from deadbroke)

    Becoming distracted and missing good trades is very often a sign of self-sabotage. I once worked with someone on psychology of trading, she asked me to make a movie of the actions I was taking before a trading signal. Slow it down frame by frame. Examine my feelings and thought process etc. Basically you are
    looking for the belief that is 'blocking' you from taking good trades.
  5. Some of the Yoga exercises can help improving your concentration.
    Secondly, you should be determined to shed greed.
  6. As you can see, one way to keep yourself focused is to apply mindfulness to trading. Depending on personal characteristics and situation, other considerations can be helpful, but this method would be a very good start for most traders struggling with the challenge of becoming distracted while trading.
  7. Could you describe what you mean by "mindfulness." Thank you.
  8. It's the time when you feel you have self-confident in trading.