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  1. Sashe


    What would be the best way to stay fit for someone who spends 12 hours on average at the screen?
    Is it swimming, jogging, weight lifting, or a little bit of everything ...these are only options available at this time.
  2. Truff


    I find swimming to be the best. Also, remember it is just as important to stay mentally fit as physically fit so dont ignore that.

    try this
  4. Control of your diet is going to be and should be number one concern. Exercise is always good but takes time. Control everything that is within your power. I am certain that you eat everyday, start there.

    Average caloric intake for adult male with low levels of activity - no greater than 2300/day

    female - 1350/day

    Of course if you add activity these numbers can vary, but to just sit there, if you're consuming much more than this, you're going to be or become what many call a "lardass".

    Good Luck.
  5. pismo10


    Concept 2 rower with the tail lifted a foot or two off the floor. Great full body aerobic exercise. If set at the hardest level it will add strength as well. Quick, easy, can keep it right next to me and the screens.
  6. Aerobic exercise is essential for cardiovascular health, and it is even mood enhancing. However, you should also engage in some muscle-building resistance exercise of one form or another to strengthen your bones and stave off osteoporosis: curls for the girls, etc.
  7. elit


    The best way is to do something you enjoy!

    If you hate jogging you wont keep it up for more than a week or two. If you hate swimming you wont like going to the pool.


    I lost about 80 pounds a few years back, by looking over my diet -eating healthy and taking a brisk walk 60-90 minutes every morning! I really started enjoying my walks, a really good start of the day. I also did some strength training a couple of times a week at the gym.

    Nowadays I go jogging a few times a week and strength train. Keeps me in shape pretty well, but lately I have stuffed too much food in me, and over the christmas holidays that will continue I guess... :) But beginning new year I will get on it again for sure.

    Feel free to PM me if you need specific advise, I'd be glad to help.
  8. Referring specifically to topic, dont sit down.

    Standing burns vastly higher rates of calories, just for a start. True.

    Forget jogging, running, take up WATER POLO.

    Yep, you heard it here first, the most outrageous fitness concept ever invented.
    Dont swim laps, forget it, boring, un challenging and very unproductive.

    Water polo is THE thing, if your serious about fitness.
    Forget jogging, running, weights, trust me on this one.

    You wont HAVE the lung capacity to do those exercises, without water polo-
    forget swimming laps, THAT is the main reason everyone ISNT doing it, its been determined that swimming must involve a certain stroke, X number of laps.

    No-way, that is RUBBISH, and the WORST and slowest way to build actual stamina.
  9. traderob


    I swim 10km/week and look good for it. But it has to be a hard pace. Most people can't swim well enough to get sufficient speed and distance.
    I also do some weights and run. So yeah, mix it up if you are a good swimmer.
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    seriously, if you havent tried it, 15 minutes of water polo = 6hours doing laps, trust me.

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