Stay Short Econo-news Reports Fri-def. Negative

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  1. plus bernanke and 2 other fed people speak......after this news they will need to be much more hawkish in tone.

    we have a problem..... a recession is shaping up with higher inflation......worst of both worlds!!!
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    seems like he speaks every other day..
  3. all these reports will be bad.....just hammering home poor economy.......and bernanke will have to address lower dollar....higher commodities, and higher inflation numbers reflected in recent economic sell off through monday!!!!

    Bernanke Speaks
    Construction Spending
    10:00 ET
    ISM Mfg Index
    10:00 ET
    Motor Vehicle Sales
    4:00 ET
  4. all of bernanke`s minnions will be talking hawkish tomorrow!

    Ben Bernanke Speaks! Friday - Dec 1, 2006

    9:00 AM ET : Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to open research forum on monetary policy at the Federal Reserve, in Washington .
    Who's Speaking ... Friday - Dec 1, 2006

    9:30 AM ET : Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Plosser to make opening remarks at conference on economic growth and development, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    1:45 PM ET : Richmond Federal Reserve Bank President Jeffrey Lacker to appear on panel on financial markets and growth, at the Philadelphia Fed conference, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  5. I totally agree with you, but I'll let my stops take me out of the market just in case I'm wrong. If the market takes me out of most of my stocks I will know its time to look for shorts.
  6. monday no news that could lift the market either--tuesday doesn`t look good........but MONDAYS have been the big position management days as we have had huge up days and down days......i see monday as the big sell-off day by money managers locking in some profits----and realizing that at best the markets will just tread water the rest of the year. I could be wrong as people are still buying the dips today.....but i expected this--with eventually money managers realizing you can only put so much makeup on a pig---and this economic outtlook doesn`t support these market levels---and they will have to get out before momentum selling takes hold.

    Pending Home Sales Index
    10:00 ET
    4-Week Bill Announcement
    11:00 ET
    3-Month Bill Auction
    1:00 ET
    6-Month Bill Auction
    1:00 ET
  7. You'll never consistently make money trying to anticipate the market. You have to take what it will give you.
  8. Wrong! Fundamental Analysis does exactly that.
  9. What happned to your futures method? Oh it doesn't work. Why not jsut admit you were wrong instead of making more bad calls?

    And you will be wrong again as well. Friday news has less impact than news on mon-thurs casue volume is low and it is already priced in.

    Full of it, bluestreak.
  10. Sure it does if you're willing to lose money until the market decides it agrees with the analysis.
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