Stay out of the US equity markets

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. We have been in a range all year no clear direction. Their are land mines around every curve it seems.
  2. LOL thanks for the buy signal
  3. And you post this in the "trading" forum? Too bad they don't have a "buy and hold" forum?
  4. Yeah, God forbid we have some volatility!!:D
  5. these type of threads always seem to mark the bottom
  6. harkm


    I don't know if this is THE bottom but you have been saying that all the way down. I guess if you say it often enough you will eventually be right.
  7. Yeah, it's been so difficult to trade because there has been "no clear direction" and no volatility at all. I wish the market would finally move one way or another . . . Woe is me.


    I nominate this for post of the MONTH!
  8. One of the most ironic threads I've ever seen, considering this is a TRADING BOARD... "DONT TRADE . . . ITS TOO DANGEROUS!" I second that nomination!
  9. :D
  10. Damn!

    I wish the markets showed some sort of DIRECTION.

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