Stay out of markets

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  1. You will be glad you did, come back in October November.
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    is that what you intend to do?
  3. what is it? October or November?

    I'm standing here with my permanent Sharpie ready to mark out the date.

    Got my broker on the other phone liquidating all my positions.
  4. July, August or September are good months to go on vacation in comparison to other trading months.

    Pick one month to enjoy a little of the profits earned between January - June and re-energize via a vacation in either July, August or September.

    I usually take about 4 weeks of vacation somewhere between July - September.

    Then when I return from vacation and review the charts, I see I haven't missed much.

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    While the past few summers have been relatively trendless, 1997, 1998, 2001 and 2002 had overwhelming volitility.
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    Stay out of markets .. come back in October November
    What is this horsesh*t?
  7. Since when does a real trader run from increased volatility??????

  8. I just think with the elections and the possible end to the wimpy bull market, that we may just trade sideways until some clarity is in place as to who is going to control over government.

    It just a hunch, and I am sure all you who like trading thru cloudy periods do quite well...cough!
  9. there is at least one good trending move in some market, be it up or down- I dont care. Be it the mini's, oil, or euro. I agree with taking some time off, but a couple months seems a little drastic.
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    It's starting to get interesting. Maybe you could make enough in next few months and take 2007 off.
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