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  1. Make a new status prolly in addition to "Junior Member, etc." Simply "Profitable" or not "Profitable". The user can pick his own status. It's a given that the psychopaths who are losing will choose "profitable" but nevertheless I think it's a good idea to let newbies know who to listen to?
  2. all posts are archived. Go back and see who's making correct calls. Very easy. Honestly I can only think of two who have done so besides myself.
  3. I'd have to go with Romeo/Nolan, Pabst and Inandlong. Beyond the pomposity Surfers been pretty solid too.
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    Actually, I think it is a great "first test" of a newbies critical thinking abilities to be able to tell the maggots that don't trade and the real traders. There are already maggots trying to enlist themselves as profitable. Trust me, these people are almost certainly incapable of balancing a checkbook let alone trading profitably.

    I would recommend that a newbie not listen to anyone on this board for trades or even how to trade. In fact, anyone that comes across as trying to teach you something, especially if they are making some sort of calls in a forum or enlisting you to come into a chatroom, and then bring attention to his/her "greatness," HAS AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE THAT IS ALMOST CERTAINLY NOT IN YOUR BEST INTEREST.

    Remember one thing well. People that trade aren't in this to educate you anymore than you are in it to educate someone in Morocco on how to trade, CERTAINLY NOT FOR FREE. They simply do not know you from Pete StClaire and couldn't care less about you. In the cases where it is the newbie that asks the question or starts and intelligent thread, THEN you may find that good traders may volunteer their opinions.

    The best way to use this site is to take it all in slowly. Real traders are constantly sharing ideas about EVERYTHING except that which is closest to home - the way they put food on their tables. There are clear exceptions to this, e.g., Don Bright, who discloses real trading strategies, but it is in his interest to get traders to trade profitably. Take this site in slowly and you will discover more good traders on your own.

    Always be willing to put in the work to verify when someone suggests something. There is no other way.

  5. what about #1 Trader?? last i knew, he was taking the market by storm!
  6. Could you give us three url's that illustrated these types and varieties of correct calls by those who are making them?


    OT We all know your comment shoot's traderky's suggestion in the foot. There are many kindred suggestions like traderkay's that could be used to market the ET business. Having unprofitable members may not be bad if they, after time, can change their status. As you suggest the burden of helping them falls to you and two others at this point. It kind of spreads you thinly over the many forums that have been set up here.

    best of luck.
  7. MrMarket and Me????
  8. Baron what YOU think about my suggestion. If you think it's an idiotic one just say so.
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    there is no way to verify, what would be the point?
  10. So Baron I don't deserve to hear your opinion, right?
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