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  1. I've been reading through the forum and will say that I find the information here very helpful. However, it seems as if there are a decent number of people who have gone with Bright.


    100 people sign up for the Bright Trading Boot Camp

    How many people after 6 months are still trading?
    How many people after 6 months are profitable?
    How many people will eventually be able to make 100,000 / yr?
    How many people will eventually be able to make 250,000 / yr?

    Any stats on how sucessful people are with the Bright Trading system would be greatly appreciate.

    - also, Don I see you post here often. If you wouldn't mind answering these ?s, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I'm going to make a prediction and say that you won't get those numbers.
  3. yeah are probably right, however I was wondering perhaps if someone went through the BT program and maybe could take a guess
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    just ask Don. 100 out of 100 had a great experience and loved every second on it:D
  5. you'll never get the true # as they're ugly and it would ruin the steady flow of people coming in. its nothing to due with bright its the industry in general is tough and the success rate is very low.if it were so easy don would be trading and not on here recruiting. i'm willing to speculate bright makes 7 figures a year in overides. hell thats were the money is giving people the dream they can be rich and overiding them
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    Thsi is where Don enters and tells us about his pair traders in Canada.:D
  7. don has answered that question many times in the years i have been on this site. do you see that little search button on the top right. it does amazing things.

  8. you dont have to be cocky....:mad:
  9. in general don't people say that less than 10 % maybe less than 5 % of independent "traders " make serious money

    no matter what instrument or time frame they choose
    to trade ?

    ( - note - this is just a number ( s ) that are thrown around
    when I read about traders making it )
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    So I have to do research to tell this guy that I don't think he wil get a straight up answer? I've seen that question asked many times and he will not come out and say "x people fail out of every hundred and go back to being cab drivers"....and I don't blame him.
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