Stats for successful trader in prop ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Frenchy, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Frenchy


    it will be interesting if someone (like Don ) can tell us how many trader join by year and how many stay, how much they made....
  2. the answer is everyone makes millions!!!
  3. Do your own research, Good or bad

    Are you expecting people to openly discuss their business intersts with you in public forum :confused:
  4. perfectly decent question,

    You should ask people who work at prop firms instead of the CEOs :)

    I'm thinking maybe 25% make decent money 5k-10k a month
    5% make good money 20k+ a month
    3% make great money 40k-100k a month

    The rest 70% are all pikers
  5. Frenchy


    so "the rest" doesn t stay !! the turn over should be crazy !!
  6. What about that last -3%?
  7. "fuzzy math" is CoolWhip's specialty.
  8. coolweb (Dec 11, 2005 10:22:12 PM)
    I trade with a 1 tick stop now, so I'm pretty confident in the direction these days, but I love your ideas. LOVE IT .

    coolweb (Dec 11, 2005 10:24:03 PM)
    mr.marcus: What do cash arbs usually buy?

    coolweb (Dec 11, 2005 10:24:07 PM)
    They just buy cash? :D

    coolweb (Dec 11, 2005 11:49:03 PM)
    if above yesterdays high, rally rally rally for next 2 days

    Just a sampling of our teen trader's prowess. Therefore, it is a safe assumption he is talking out his arse about prop trading statistics as well.
  9. LoL
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    I'll second that LOL

    Don has been asked this question before and has posted stats, you'll have to search for them.
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