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    Are there statistics of ET registrations vs longivity?
    Frequency of new registrations month by month or year by year versus frequency of logins.

    For no particular reason other than wondering if it corresponds to a gauge on how many new traders stick it out. (Survive).

    For instance new registrations 2019 and current logins in relation to 10 years ago registrations and those members still posting/viewing ET.

    If it were possible to screen out those in the political forum as it appears some don't trade.
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    What are you defining as a new trader? And when does a new trader become just a trader, and when does a trader become an old trader that has stuck it out?

    I understand where you're coming from but human behavior is way more diverse than that. Some people last here for days. Some for months. Some for years. Some for decades. But the mystery ingredient is when they come back. A person who started here and then disappeared after a month can come back six months later and stick around for 3 more years. He may take a break for another year and then come back again for 7 years straight. We don't shut people's accounts down when they leave here so they are free to come and go as their finances change and as the opportunities in the markets rise and fall.
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    I'll make an assumpsion.....
    Traders who are keen will do frequent research and logon ET more frequently than those with a passing interest.
    Do you keep statistics of logon frequency?

    Again, this is just a talking point only, nothing which is important, so please don't allow this to create a lot of effort compiling the numbers.
    Was interested to know the retention rate of traders ET registrations, vs time over months and years vs logon frequency, a chart would probably describe it best.

    I was thinking it would be interesting to see the curve of quantity of registrations vs stickability over a lengthy period of time (maybe 10 years minimum).
    The accuracy may be compromised by repeated new nic regos.

    A 'new trader', my definition would be first time rego.

    If compiling statistics is going to be onerous, please don't go to any trouble, to me it's not important enough, it is just a curiosity on survivors, how fast new regos vs dropoff in logins.
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    I don't have a lot of time to fiddle around with compiling a bunch of historical stats at the moment, but the dropoff rate is largely dictated by the market since most retail traders are long the majority of the time, not short. So if the market takes a big drop, the newest registered users fall off a cliff and get really quiet. If the market continues a steady upward trend, then everybody is a genius and they continue hanging around.

    I have certain metrics that I view in the morning, such as the number of registrations, new threads and posts created so far that day, and based on those stats, I can always tell whether the markets are up or down without even looking at the current indices quotes.
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  5. Thank Gawd....
  6. Can we have an ET Guage? Like a colored thermometer or something like that? I could help manage that if you need?

    I am serious.


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    lol, astounding! Could make a good indicator for charts. The ETpostvolumeMarketDirection.
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    Taking the opposite direction...?
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    Is the correlation strongest with the change in the equity indices?

    I would have thought/assumed that the correlation would be strongest with measures of volatility (such as the VIX).

    As an aside, when quoting your post, it says that you are member #2. Who is/was member number 1?