Statistics - Smart, educated states are democratic, dumb states are not

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  1. The most educated state is not a state at all. In the District of Columbia, 44.2 percent of the population over the age of 25 has at least a four-year degree.

    Top ten "most educated" states:

    State ---------- Percent of population with a degree
    Massachusetts 35.8
    Colorado 34.7
    Connecticut 34.6
    Maryland 34.5
    Virginia 32.2
    New Jersey 32.1
    Vermont 32
    Minnesota 30.6
    New Hampshire 30.3
    Washington 30.2

    So what about the states that fell to the bottom?

    Oklahoma 21.9
    Tennessee 21.5
    Louisiana 21.3
    Alabama 21.2
    Indiana 21
    Nevada 19.5
    Arkansas 19
    Mississippi 18.7
    Kentucky 18.6
    West Virginia 17

    Draw your own conclusions...
  2. So by your logic the District of Columbia has the smartest voters in the country? Marion Barry is exhibit A that something is wrong with that theory.
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    My conclusions?

    Only a self-rigtheous, liberal snob would label a state "dumb".
    I can easily imagine Howard Dean mistakingly letting such a statement slip.

    In addition, the vast the majority of states are Red ones, so there is the law of averages ...

    This is just the type of message the Democrats need to rally behind in order to win back anything.

    "These states are dumb and uneducated".

    "Party of the People", hey? And you wonder why it is that Democrats are associated with snobbery and elitism.

    Not too mention that faact, that most of the "dumb" states were once staunchly Democratic.

    Now, ask the question again ...
  4. Conservatives tend to support Israel more often than Democrats as well. Would you say that supporting Israel is a dumb idea?
  5. Whether I am "a self-righteous liberal snob" is completely irrelevant to the statistical fact that all 10 most uneducated states are solidly conservative. Attacking the messenger is not going to change it.
  6. While I agree with this observation the difference is very marginal IMHO. Carter was not Israel's friend but neither was Bush Senior, Clinton did more for Israel than Bush Junior ever will, there is a Pat Buchanan for each Luis Farrakhan...

    No, I would not say that, I think it's a very smart idea. Unfortunately an overwhelming majority of other conservative ideas leave a lot to be desired. :)
  7. Bwahahahahaha!! :D
  8. Okay, my conclusion:

    Due to the overwhelming liberal bent in our country's universities, it is only natural that states which had the highest percentages of their populace attending university have the highest percentages of brainwashed citizens. Expose enough students to enough "professors" like Ward Churchill and the results shouldn't be a surprise.

    If you send your kids to work in a cesspool, most of them will come out smelling like shit.

    Result? Morons who have been caught on video smoking crack get re-elected.
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    How do you respond to the fact that most of your so-called "dumb" states were once Democratic strongholds?

    Which came first, did they first become "dumb" and then switch alliances, or did they become "dumb" afterward.

    Perhaps these folks just got sick and tired of pompous, elitist, liberals talking down to them, in the manner that you have so effectively demonstrated.

    In addition, there are three Red states on your list of "smart" states.... blah
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