Statistical backtesting of government stupidity

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  1. -1992 Hurricane Andrew causes US greatest natural disaster. FEMA guidelines deemed horribly inadequate (I was there) and reform mandated by Fed govt.
    -2005 Hurricane Katrina demonstrates your tax dollars and faith are worthless even after 13 years of interest
    -2000+ Years of mortgage fraud and predatory lending ignored even after countless reports to HUD, U.S. atty general, and FBI FTC ( ).
    -2008 Credit collapse. Duh-uhh! 8 more years of wasted taxes
    -Proof that laws are useless when left to govt. agencies to enforce. I.e. HUD, FEMA essentially non-existent and horribly inefficient
    -way more in the links below
    -The problem is not regulation, it's GOVERNMENT REGULATION
    -The US Govt already subcontracts about $300G a year to the private sector - time to subcontract the rest!
    - Let the natural competition of capitalism put inefficiency out of business
    -Govt completely corrupt by bought-n-paid-for Political Pimps. Limit Govt to making laws as originally set forth by our Founding Fathers and allow govt of, for, and by the people.
    -Backtesting results? Expect disasters in energy, environment, and disease to hit us in the face when it's WAY TOO FUCKING LATE as long as we leave it to the same old den of thieves
    -No the sky is not falling. I've seen the aftermath of hurricanes where there is no money, no gas, no food, no power, no cellphones, no police. People band together, help each other out, and actually make life better. But if these same people made up a private EMA, we would all be a lot better off. Same with the mafia-backed securities industry.
    -When, and what is it going to take for us to take back government of, for, and by the people? Do we need another revolution?

    What would Thomas Jefferson do?,M1