Statistical Advantage

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    So, I am sitting here in my statistics class more inspired than ever. My journey has led me here and I have to take my losses as a price of tuition. I learned everything I need to know to make money and it is time I put that to work.

    The most important thing I have learned thus far is that trading is a skill that must be refined. Every method I tried to put into use has ultimately failed, however I was able to learn an important aspect about the market, and slowly build a subconscious database of trading knowledge. Take that for what it is worth. I found it to be invaluable to understand that with something as chaotic as the market your most important weapon is your intuition.

    For anyone that decides to follow me in this journal I will be posting everything live. I will be trading options to ensure enough diversity in my small account and leverage my account up to amplify gains (and hopefully not losses).

    I am going to be using a 2,000k account.

    First trades:
    CXO: bought yesterday
    DLTR: bought two days ago

    Good luck to everyone in their trading today :)