Static price ladder - TradeMaven, Reflector

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by novicefutures, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. I am just going nuts with the Autocenter feature on TM! Is there any other platform out there that would have the good old static price ladder? I know about the whole patent litigation thing with TT and other ISVs, however, I just cannot bring myself to spend a few hundred dollars a month to get the X-Trader. Of course, any other suggestions or comments as to how to get used to the centering of the DOME would be greatly appreciated.

    Good trading all.
  2. Thanks Macro!

    Good trading to you!
  3. yes that was aggravating to me also until i figured out the cure --- i have two 19" LCD's full of TradeMaven DOM's so it is still a trick trying to figure out which DOM to put the cursor on --- HAHAHAHA!
  4. The problem with placing the cursor on either the bid or the ask price columns (or just unchecking the Autocenter feature) is that you can no longer see the bid/ask price/vol tiers! The price ladder becomes static, but I think the purpose of the DOM becomes useless without seeing other tiers. Anyhow, thanks for the info.