States Turning to Last Resorts in Budget Crisis

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  1. States Turning to Last Resorts in Budget Crisis
    By ABBY GOODNOUGH 32 minutes ago

    With state revenues in a free fall, governors and legislatures are approving program cuts, layoffs and, to a smaller degree, tax increases that were previously unthinkable....

    * California’s Solution to $24 Billion Budget Gap Is Going to Bring Some Pain | More on the Impact of the Recession »
  2. Bring on the tax riots!
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  4. It's like extreme socialism: if everybody is broke, then nobody is really broke.
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    You'd think States would opt to drastically cut entitlements, workers, salaries, and programs.

    But no, entitlements run full-steam-ahead and tax hikes, fee's, and closed infrastructure are all on the table. Really disgusting.

    Its Big Government run amok. This type of Welfare-State, Big Brother crap will destroy the Country.

    Ron Paul was right. Cut spending, programs and agencies, across-the-board!!

    And if the States can't balance their cushy-budgets filled with endless perks and legions of dogf*ckers, sorry! Riots and disgraced politicians for you!!

    I honestly hope California gets no Federal bailout and the Hippie-Dippy Socialists reap what they sow. Money for everyone is a great idea. Except it doesn't work in practice!!!
  6. Cutting education is the solution. And no, this wont make our kids more dumb than they already are. Plenty of countries spend less on education and have smarter kids. There are also countries that pay for 100% education all the way to getting a PhD (like libya, argentina, Cuba) and those countries are not doing the best, so even though they have smart doctors, the doctors end up leaving their country for better paying jobs in countries that are not economically depressed.

    Cutting education is the only solution. We will have more money, our "smart kids" will not leave the countries once they get thier masters or doctorates, and you know what? Put the BIBLE back in school! Maybe if these kids learn some morals like "lying & stealing" is bad and a punishable offense, maybe we can get some of these crooks out of office one day. Teach these kids that there is a higher authority than president of the United States that they will be accountable to one day.
    But no....they have to learn their morals from other sources, like Brittney Spears, Cristina Aguilara and Adam Lambert because schools do not teach morals.

    And dont any of you atheists try to rain in on my parade. No atheist nation every lasted. They ALWAYS crumbled. Their lack of morality was always their downfall.
  7. I agree that education should be cut... That should be left to the states and not upto the federal government either.

    But I also think there are other departments to make cuts... like Department of Defense. Let's protect our own American borders instead of stationing 50,000 troops in South Korea and elsewhere in the world. Let's bring the troops home from Iraq.


    Google Death and Taxes 2009
  8. Wait and watch as the numbers on just how far consumers and businesses cut back spending show up in Q2 & Q3 data.

    Be prepared for a nasty downward spiral.

    All of this will only lead to more tension as decreasing state revenues prompt local units of government to hike fees, taxes or anything to stave off the inevitable - slashing payrolls (some areas a unionized workforce, other areas not).
  9. Can you make this a little bigger?
  10. Maybe if government continues to create more departments and programs, than I'll surely be able to make it even larger.
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